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XADO Automatic Extra Drive KIT (Diesel)
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XADO Automatic Extra Drive KIT (Diesel)

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KIT contains 4 products

TotalFlush — Engine Oil System Cleaner


Atomic Metal Conditioner XADO Maximum 1 Stage with REVITALIZANT®


REVITALIZANT® EX120 for Automatic Transmissions


Atomex Multi Cleaner (Diesel) — Fuel System Cleaner for Diesel Engine with XADO REVITALIZANT®


XADO Automatic Extra Drive KIT

The Kit is specially designed for the complex clear and treatment of all main components and parts in a diesel vehicle with automatic transmission. It restores and protects the surfaces of parts in the engine, fuel system and automatic transmissions.

The Kit contains 4 products specially composed together to provide a total synergetic effect after their application:

TotalFlush — Engine Oil System Cleaner

  • Clean oil systems of gasoline and diesel engines of all types including turbocharged ones as well as transmission units.
  • Creates a reserve of the antiwear protection properties, prevents the formation of possible defects on friction surfaces during further operation of the engine.
  • Decarbonizes stuck oil-scraper and compression rings, restores their mobility.
  • Completely removes all contaminants and tar deposits in channels, and takes them away together with the used oil. Due to REVITALIZANT®, brings back up to 70% of the lost metal.

XADO Maximum 1 Stage

  • Innovative three-component product combines the benefits of a two-phase complex metal conditioner and 3rd generation REVITALIZANT®.
  • Intended for restoration, repair, and active antiwear protection of the engine directly during the vehicle operation. Guarantees antiwear protection of the engine for 100,000 km of run.
  • Equalizes and increases compression in cylinders. Increases pressure in the oil system up to nominal values.

REVITALIZANT EX120 for Automatic Transmissions

  • Designed for restoration, repair, and antiwear protection of automatic transmission units.
  • Restores and protects friction metal parts from wear. Eliminates surface defects.
  • Damps extreme loads. Protects parts from wear in case of low oil levels.

Atomex Multi Cleaner (Diesel) — Fuel System Cleaner for Diesel Engine

  • Safely and quickly removes all types of deposits and contaminants.
  • Cleans the fuel system to the level of technical cleanliness.
  • Full-fledged alternative to bench cleaning of injectors.
  • Due to the presence of REVITALIZANT® nanocomponent, increases the reliability and service life of the system elements.