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Revitalizants (21)

Atomic Metal Conditioner XADO Maximum 1 Stage with REVITALIZANT®


REVITALIZANT EX120 for Gearboxes, Transfer Cases and Differentials


REVITALIZANT® EX120 for Automatic Transmissions


Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for SUV with 1 Stage REVITALIZANT®


XADO® REVITALIZANT EX 120 for diesel engines (blister package, tube 9 ml)


REVITALIZANT EX120 for Small Engines and Motor Equipment


Atomic Metal Conditioner МОТО MAXIMUM with REVITALIZANT®


Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum Automatic Transmission


Atomic Metal Conditioner HighWay with REVITALIZANT®


Revitalizants ® are the automotive chemicals and fluids which are designed for protection and restoration of vehicles’ components and parts. Continuous friction of the parts’ operating surfaces irrevocably leads to their wear. The Revitalizant ® main aim is to restore parts or, in other words, to eliminate wear with the help of a new protective ceramic-metal layer formation. So, the answer to the most commonly asked question “what is Revitalizant®?” may be the following: it is a product which allows a vehicle’s component obtaining restored initial manufacturer’s parameters. Moreover, XADO Gel-Revitalizant® produces protective effect even under the hardest working conditions (engine extreme overloads) and provides confident and safe driving.

It’s worth noting when treating the engine you fill up the micro roughness on the atomic layer. So, it’s fully reasonable to state that atomic Revitalizant® renew the friction operating surfaces together with lowering the friction rate.

Revitalizant® application allows restoring parts’ friction surfaces directly during their operation and enlarging their resource. As a result the engine performance obviously improves and all the parameters becomes like the initial ones.

Revitalizant ® reviews.

From the very first moment Revitalizant ® entered the automotive markets, a lot of reviews have been made. There are positive as well negative comments. However all of them have one common point, they all recommend observing the result after treatment only by testing the product personally.

Where to buy Revitalizant ®

At our xado.us on-line store you can buy XADO Revitalizants® for engines. The range of products includes Atomic Metal Conditioners, as well as compound for gasoline and diesel engines.